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For the first time in the history of affiliating Universities in the country, a full-length feature film SAMAKSHAM (Before You) (118"Malayalam) hs been produced by Mahatma Gandhi University Creations to project the necessity for organic way of living and organic farming among the student community, academics and the general public. The film centres around the proposed mission of the JAIVAM project initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi University to reestablish the lost connect of the people with the soil, agriculture and ecosystem avoiding artificial and chemical means and to reiterate its essentiality in leading a simple, healthy, happy and hygienic life in tune with the ideals of the Father of the Nation in whose name the varsity is named after.

The film has been produced as part of the Jaivam Project, a unique literacy drive, to spread the message of organic farming and organic means of living in all the 71 Grama Panchayats and 6 Municipalities of the district of Kottayam and through model subsequent campaigns in Pinarayi, Parappokkara, Chingoli, Munnar, Ranni and Kanjikuzhi Grama Panchayats and Manathavady Municipality in other parts of the State. The University has opted for a Feature film, as the reach of the documentary films by and large remain shallow. The team Samaksham comprises of professional artistes and crew who have won several national and State level awards.

SAMAKSHAM, co-authored and directed by Dr. Aju K Narayanan, Assistant Professor, School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University and Dr Anvar Abdulla, Assistant Professor, Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, narrates the dire necessity to switch over to nature-friendly agriculture which provides toxic- free edibles, clean air and water, through emotionally bonding episodes. Registrar Sri. M.R.Unni was at the helm of pioneering production activities.

The film, starring Kailash, Dileesh Pothen, Sidhartha Siva, M.R. Gopakumar, Gayatri Krishna , Sohan Sinu Lal, Prof. P.Balachandran, Prem Prekash, Akshara Kishore etc., is stated to be released through main theaters in the State during September/October. This will be followed by Television Channel releases.

Besides this, a proposal to include the Samaksham film as a core subject in the syllabus for the undergraduate courses offered by the University under the Environment Studies (fifth semester) is under the consideration of the Academic Council. This will entail at least five lakh students to watch the film (to be provided in VCD format at home), study the script and appear for the examination. This path breaking academic initiative will certainly have a long standing appeal among the younger generation as well as the family members of the students besides the general public who get opportunity to watch the same through various visual channels.

Directors & Producer


SAMAKSHAM - Before You

Story, Script, Dialogues,Direction: Aju K Narayanan, Dr Anvar Abdulla

Production: Mahatma Gandhi University

Music: Aby Salvin Thomas

Lyrics: Sudhamsu

Art: Athavanas Rajesh

Costume: Sunil Rahman

Makeup: Manoj Angamaly

Chief Associate Director: Prakash K Madhu

Associate Director: Navas Ali

Production Controller: Binu Murali

Stills: Swaraj Opah